Software Engineer and Full Stack Developer

Bc. Ing. Pavel Novotný (Master degree in applied informatics)

Single Page and Progressive Web Applications

Over 8 years experience with web technologies and various web scripting languages HTML*, CSS* a JavaScript*.
Over 6 years experience with scripting languages Ruby, Python, Perl and PHP in various spectra of applications.
Advanced knowledge of web server Nginx, database system PostgreSQL and supporting server technologies.
Broad experience with many frontend frameworks (Ractive.js, JQuery, React, AngularJS; Bootstrap, Foundation) and CMS.

Server and desktop programs

Over 10 years experience with C++, C and D.
Over 8 years experience with Linux shell and programs for hardening and monitoring of Linux servers.
Advanced knowledge in automation, networks and security.
Experience with SCRUM development methodology and supporting programs (Jira, Redmine).

Other programs and GUI

Fundamental experience with embedded systems programming and FPGA.
Fundamental experience with libraries Qt, GTK, SDL and OpenGl.
Experience with many other unusual languages like e.g. Lua, R etc.

E-mail and communication services

Advanced knowledge in e-mail technologies and protocols.
Experience in server management of e-mail and XMPP.
Experience in mass-scale e-mail technology.

The biggest past jobs and gigs

2016 Application development company
  • Backend developer, consultancy
  • Python
2016 BIM Project
  • ArchiCAD/Revit addon development
  • C++, C#
2015 Mass e-mailing service
  • Lead programmer, backend, frontend, devops
  • D, ElasticSearch, JavaScript(JQuery), Python, Ruby
2014 Taxi service
  • Short-term consultancy
  • Ruby
2014 Public transport service (based on Kdyjedeš.cz)
  • Senior Backend developer, devops
  • C, C++, Ruby
2013 Public transport service Kdyjedeš.cz
  • Lead programmer, backend, frontend, devops.
  • Routing/searching algorithm development
  • C, C++, Java, JavaScript(AngularJS), Ruby
2012 Marketing company
  • Flash games backends, devops
  • Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Heroku
2011 VoIP provider
  • Backend scripts, complete E-commerce solution
  • Ruby, JavaScript, Bash
2010 Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology
  • Developer of specialized WEB scrapper
  • Python


Cost of work is approx. 40 USD per hour. Cost is variable depending on Your project.

Design and implementation of software

Infrastructure management and automation

Teaching & Courses

Code Quality Control

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  • Bc. Ing. Pavel Novotný

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